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The best cancer care starts with the best cancer information. Cancer Care of Dublin was launched in 1998 as People Living with Cancer and a hope to fight with the disease.

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It undergoes regular formatting updates to meet visitor needs, including a full redesign in 2015. Cancer Care of Dublin has received several honours for its content, design, and ease of use. The Oncology Blog provides practical tips for living with cancer, suggestions to help patients and families cope with the disease, research news and guidelines from ASCO, and much more. The blog section also includes the Oncology Blog Podcasts,  which provide patient information on cancer research, treatment.


Each and every stage of diagnosis and treatment is a challenging one because we have to prepare our patient to cooperate and understand the complexity level of disease and how he/she can really fight back. Different tests are conducted for diagnosis of disease at Cancer Care of Dublin, including blood test, urine and stool tests. However for detection of complicated cases referrals to local diagnostic facility are conducted. All these facilities are available at world compatible level at our cancer care center. In order to confirm the disease we also conduct biopsy of suspected patient, which guide the oncologist team to understand the cancer cells and their growth, and detailed research case studies are conducted to select the best treatment option too.

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She is experienced at the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of cancers and blood disorders. Dr Sandra Hollander female side allows her that special compassion when dealing with women’s and men’s cancer issues. Her compassion in treating the whole patient emphasizes the quality of life.

Dr Sandra Hollander was named in the Consumers’ Research Council of America’s – Guide to Americas Top Physicians and New Jersey Monthly Magazine’s – Top Doctors.

Find out why many of her former patients say “Thank God for Dr Sandra Hollander.”

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